Monday, August 17, 2015

Life sure is Amazing!

As I turned 45 this month, I took some time to reflect on life.  Fifteen years ago, the night before my 30th birthday, I cried my eyes out and was sick with fear of the unknown. I was 22 weeks pregnant with Peter, and we had just been told he had birth defects of his jaw and kidney. I had an amnio on my 30th birthday. What a journey of grief, despair, depression, amazement, wonder, and enlightenment these past 15 years have been. I could not have imagined then that I would be registering this baby (who it was suggested I abort) for high school on my 45th birthday. Life sure is AMAZING!

Dede with Peter the day he was born - October 7, 2000
Dede holding Peter for the first time - November 14, 2000

Peter's 8th Grade Graduation - June 2015

Choosing kind,

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