Sunday, January 15, 2017

#ChooseKind Book Recommendations for Younger Readers

I've always loved to read, and I couldn't wait to share this passion with my children.  When Peter was in NICU, we recorded our family reading books so that he could hear our voices even when we weren't there.  After Jacob was born, bedtime reading became Peter's favorite part of the day because he got to have Mom or Dad all to himself!

I've spent countless hours reading to my boys over the years.  After the chaos of the day, it was always a time of relaxation and comfort.  Although they are now 16 and 12, we continue to include family reading through audio books on long car rides.  I also still enjoy searching for books to read together and can now ask for their opinion on the story and it's message.

Jacob has become my collaborator in reviewing books that might support our #ChooseKind message. He and I read the books together and decide if it's a "keeper" for our list.  Wonder by R.J. Palacio is, of course, our favorite book to share the #ChooseKind message. Because it's a story best for ages 10+, however, we are often asked for picture book recommendations about kindness.

Listed below are books on our shelf that we've read together and feel worthy of recommending to young readers.  Several of these books speak directly about kindness and empathy while others are ones we've enjoyed because of their positive message and engaging story.

We hope you enjoy one of our recommendations and sneak in some extra snuggle time with your little one(s).  We are always looking for book suggestions, so please share your favorites by posting in the comments.

Picture Books about Kindness, Empathy, Being Different, and Anti-Bullying

Picture Books about Self-Esteem or a Positive Life Lesson

Happy reading!

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