Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Picture Book Recommendations for Gift Giving

We have three picture book recommendations that will make great gifts for Easter Baskets, graduations, and other special occasions.  Each of these recommendations is Mom approved by Dede, Teenager with a Difference approved by Peter (16), and SuperSibling/Middle-Schooler approved by Jacob (12).  Happy gift giving!

We're All Wonders is a beautiful new picture book written and illustrated by R.J. Palacio, the same author of Wonder who inspired the #ChooseKind movement.  This book already has a prominent spot on our coffee table because we love the message and illustrations so much!  It's a timeless masterpiece that we think will become a mainstay in all early education classrooms.  The story is a simple yet powerful reminder that everyone is different and kindness is important. Great gift for any age!

The Courage to be Kind by Jenny Levin & Rena Rosen is a new picture book full of advice for parents and teachers.  It's written to be read aloud and encourages open and honest discussions about how we should be kind to everyone.  There are photos and information about several conditions including Autism, Tourettes, Dwarfism, and Apert Syndrome.

The Girl with Many Faces by Brenda Scott-Coleman was published in 2012, but we just discovered this little gem.  The book gives simple advice to young children who have difficulty making friendships.  We love the message that, "friends are not made by the way they look.  Friends are made by smiling, sharing, caring, listening, and joining together in fun and play."  The price is unfortunately high for a soft-cover picture book, but we still wanted to recommend because of it's fun advice on how to make friends.

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