Life is Tough, but You're Tougher

Learn how to be mentally strong by...

  • building self-confidence,

  • staying positive

  • overcoming adversity

  • making good decisions, and

  • finding supportive relationships.

What You'll Need

  • A commitment to invest in yourself

  • A journal or notebook

  • Your favorite writing utensil

  • Access to a printer (recommended)

Before You Begin,

Download Worksheets for Each Tool

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Practicing gratitude sets you up to stay positive throughout your day.

Howell, MI

Learn how to identify your personal values and use them when making difficult decisions.

Glendale, CA

Practice these strategies to stop your mind and feelings from spinning out of control in stressful situations.

Carlstadt, NJ

Fortitude is mental courage and determination.  Use these strategies to make choices that are in your best interest, even when you're afraid.

Chicago, IL

Learn how to identify good relationships and find social groups that align with your interests and values.

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