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NICU Diary Day 16

Sunday, October 22, 2000

Mommy and Daddy came to see me this afternoon, and I had a new logo on one of my booties. My nurse made an Ohio State logo and taped it over the U of M emblem on one of my booties. By having one of each logo on my feet, everyone is happy! Daddy says this makes me either a politician like my Uncle Dean or a salesman like him.

Daddy made a special sign for my bed tonight. It says, “Daddy says for improved care and attention, I should say ‘GO BLUE!!’ Please understand – my cute, tiny little heart bleeds scarlet and gray… Go Bucs! Please accept my sincere apologies and continue your great care.”

I am continuing to grow and now weigh about 3 ½ pounds. The doctors increased my milk intake from 8 cc to 12 cc every three hours. I’m doing really well on the milk and continue to mess up my diapers a lot! I’m also doing pretty well with getting weaned off the ventilator. They wean me a little bit each morning and are hoping to take me off of it for just a few minutes every day to see how I tolerate being on my own. The X-rays that I got yesterday were for my ENT doctors. They wanted to make sure that my trach is in proper position.

The nurse set things up again so that Mommy and Daddy could hold me in their lap. I opened my eyes quite a bit for everyone but fell asleep pretty fast when I got back to my bed. It was very tiring being moved around and away from my bed warmer. The nurse also had my ventilator moved over to the side instead of right over my head as it has been. This should make it nicer when I open my eyes. When it was over my head, I went cross-eyed every time I opened my eyes. You would too if all you could see was tubes directly in front of your nose!


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