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NICU Diary Day 23

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Sunday, October 29, 2000

Boy did I ever have the visitors today! Mommy’s family had a baby shower for her at our house and afterward everyone came to visit me. The shower was planned to be in Indiana, and I was still supposed to be in Mommy’s tummy. But, as we all know, I decided October is a preferrable birthday month vs December!

Both of my Great Grandmas (Hostetler & Winters) came to the shower as well as my Grandma Brockhaus, Great Aunts (Tami & Mary), Second Cousins Marcia and Sarah, and honorary Aunt Beth. My Great Aunt Nancy and cousin Janice couldn’t make it but sent gifts. I got quite a good loot of stuff plus they all brought food for Mommy and Daddy’s freezer. They won’t have to cook or go to the grocery store for a couple of months, which is good because they like to spend all of their “free” time with me at the hospital.

I had a pretty good day. The doctors changed my ventilator settings quite a bit, and I handled it really well. My blood gas levels were the best they've been to date, so they might start to get ideas about moving me along too fast again. Mommy and Daddy are going to protest if the doctors push me off the vent too soon while increasing my feedings.

My food intake increased to 21cc every three hours, up from 18cc yesterday. Everyone is hoping that I can stay at that level so that I keep growing. I had a pretty bad stomach ache this evening though because I hadn’t pooped all day. My tummy was really full, and I was getting pretty fussy. It’s really hard trying to push all that food out when my bottom is too tight in that darn ortho board! I sure hope they get me a new one FAST.

The orthotics guys should be back tomorrow with a new brace. My ENT doctor is supposed to come by tomorrow as well to see if maybe I need a larger diameter trach, and those crazy ophthalmologist doctors are coming back to dilate my eyes again. Mommy has already decided to leave the room as soon as she sees them coming. She isn’t as tough as me!


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