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NICU Diary Day 41

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Today was a disappointing day for Mommy and Daddy. My NICU room was turned into an O.R. and closed from 2:30 this afternoon until late this evening. The cardiologists came to do surgery on a baby in my room. The surgery was only supposed to last a couple of hours, but Mommy finally left at 5:00.

Daddy was going to come and see me this evening on his way home from the airport, but the surgery was still going on. The nurse told Daddy that things weren’t going so well and it would probably be several more hours before my room was open to guests. Mommy and Daddy have already requested that I graduate to room #3 as soon as possible!

C-Spine Brace Update

The good news is that Mommy held me for a short time today. I fell asleep while she rubbed my back. The speech therapist came at lunchtime to work on sucking and swallowing, and orthotics finally came by with a new ortho brace. The new board fits well and is much roomier thank goodness.

The Chief of Orthopedics asked orthotics to start thinking about designing a cervical collar for me. Once I get a bigger, I can keep my neck stabilized with a collar instead of having to lie in this full-body brace all the time. That will also enable Mommy and Daddy to get me in a car seat for when I go home.

Vent Weaning Update

My vent weanings are going well. The doctors are taking me off the vent for one hour at a time four hours during the day and giving me more help at night. Eventually, I am going to be a big boy and breathe solo!


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