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NICU Diary Day 62

Thursday, December 07, 2000

Today is my two-month birthday, so guess what? I celebrated with vaccination shots. Some birthday present!

I'm really fussy in my ortho brace, especially when they strap me in. It's really hard to pass gas in that thing, and I wanna make Daddy proud! One of my primary nurses decided enough was enough with this darn brace. She went on a mission to have orthopedics check me out. She wants permission to take me out of the brace and use blankets to hold my neck in position.

The orthopedic surgeon is pretty unhappy that everyone's been moving me around. He's frustrated because Mommy and the nurses keep hounding him about having me checked again. He reluctantly ordered new flexion/extension x-rays to be done ASAP.

Radiology suggested that an ultrasound will show more of the cartilage vs an x-ray that will show bone. The ultrasound can be done at my bedside, so I won't need to go on a field trip. Orthopedics agreed, so tomorrow morning I'm having an ultrasound of my c-spine. Several specialists will watch as my neck is moved forward and backward. Mommy plans to be there as well.

Mommy left early today because the roads are snowy. Daddy decided not to fight the traffic tonight, but he's hanging out with me tomorrow after our medical home inspection.

Mommy finished her part of the letter to my insurance company and faxed it to our attorney tonight. We plan to have a letter ready by Monday morning.

We got a very nice note and gift today from my Great Grandma and Grandpa Hostetler. Mommy and Daddy were very surprised and are especially thankful for their support and prayers. I hope I’m big enough to visit their farm next summer!


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