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NICU Diary Day 64

Saturday, December 09, 2000

Today ticks off nine weeks of life in the NICU. We had a lot of fun playing without worrying about my neck or keeping me in the ortho brace. I also had two very special guests.

Baby boy in NICU with Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma

My Grandma Brockhaus and Great Grandma Winters came to see me. Grandma Winters had not seen me since the end of October, and she couldn’t believe what a big boy I am. Both of my Grandmas loved holding me, and, of course, they took a million pictures!

Those Grandmas really know how to bring in the Christmas loot. They came with all kinds of presents. I got a golf ornament with my name on it, a Christmas outfit, and some warm buntings from my Grandma Brockhaus. Grandma B. also gave us a $250 gift from a jewelry sale she had.

Baby boy in NICU with Grandma

Great Grandma brought all kinds of goodies including a Christmas stocking, Noah’s Ark toy set, books, Pooh toy, and a onesie. Mommy’s cousin made a stocking for me, and several other friends sent gifts as well. The employees where Grandma works help a family in need every Christmas, and this year they picked us. We are all grateful for everyone’s generosity.

Baby boy in NICU with Christmas stocking

After our visitors left, I had a bath and trach-tie change. It was much easier doing everything without the ortho board. Daddy sat me in a basin and was even able to wash my back and neck. Mommy cuddled me in a towel and briefly thought about running off while I was unhooked from everything! They dressed me in a pooh nightgown, and Mommy put a hat on me for the first time. She thought it was adorable.

Before leaving, Mom & Dad rocked me to sleep and tucked me in. I woke up though and kept looking at them as they walked away. It was hard for Mommy and Daddy to leave while I was watching! They hope to take me with them soon.


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