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Dede & Peter Dankelson are a Hockey Mom & Rock Guitarist Son who challenge you to be the hero in your own life story. Peter was born premature and diagnosed with Goldenhar Syndrome. He's endured 35 surgeries in 19 years and is literally rocking his life with a facial difference!  Pete's Diary school assemblies teach students how to be confident, kind, and inclusive. 

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Through bystander intervention training, the Green Dot program engages witnesses to interrupt situations that are imminently or potentially high-risk for violence, increases self-efficacy and provides skill building and specific strategies to increase the likelihood that trained individuals will actually intervene. 

Art of Compassion is building a kind, inclusive and accepting community for people of all differences and abilities. We believe that, together with you, through education, conversation, and action, we can stand up, be bold, make it personal, be attentive and create a safe space to advocate for and celebrate one another.

These programs build one-to-one friendships between people with and without intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), offering social mentoring while improving the quality of life and level of inclusion for a population that is often isolated and excluded.

Every student should feel accepted, included, and valued by their peers. Beyond Differences works directly with middle and high school students, on campuses and online, to help them promote social inclusivity within their schools.  Beyond Differences sponsors these free national programs to schools:  Know Your Classmates, No One Eats Alone, and Be Kind Online.

Dr. Michele Borba is an internationally recognized educator, speaker, and best-selling author on character and social-emotional development, bullying prevention, and parenting.  This is a link to her website.

Want to move your school, workplace, family, or community to the positive and resolve negativity, bullying, and bucket dipping? Get your entire school, family, or organization turned onto this concrete concept and make a change – for good! It’s positive, it’s fun, and it works!

Brené Brown's Dare to Lead #daringclassrooms, a free companion program to Dare to Lead, developed specifically for K-12 (primary and secondary school) educators who are committed to courage-building in and outside the classroom.

Children's Craniofacial Association offers free #ChooseKind lesson plans and teacher materials for K-2, Middle School, and High School.

The Hate Has No Home Here Project promotes just and inclusive communities by encouraging neighbors to declare their homes, schools, businesses, and places of worship to be safe places where everyone is welcome and valued.

Take one when you need one, share one with a friend who needs some inspiration, or leave one for another.  One message at just the right moment can your whole day, outlook, life.

The Nora Project aims to normalize difference, demystify disability, and promote meaningful connections between students and their peers with disabilities.

Making Caring Common (MCC) is a resource offered through Harvard University Graduate School of Education.  MCC helps educators, parents, and communities raise children who are caring, responsible to their communities, and committed to justice.

Rachel's Challenge offers programs that promote a positive climate in K-12 schools.  Rachel Joy Scott was the first person killed in the 1999 Columbine school shooting.  Her legacy of performing random acts of kindness inspired the start of this foundation in her honor.  Their mission is to make schools safer, more connected places where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect, and where learning and teaching are awakened to their fullest.

The Sandy Hook Start with Hello Program teaches children, teens and young adults how to be more socially inclusive and connected to one another. All training is paid for by Sandy Hook Promise.  SHP offers free certified training in your community as well as a downlaodable curriculum and fact sheet.

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