Destiny is your inescapable fate; Attitude is how you choose to perceive it

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Learn how to identify your personal values and use them when making difficult decisions.

Learn how to stay positive by practicing gratitude.

Learn how to stop your mind from spinning out of control when you feel overwhelmed and stressed.

Learn how to make choices that are in your best interest, even when you are afraid.

Learn how to identify healthy relationships and identify social groups that align with your interests and values.

Learn how to own your past and present by thinking about the biggest moments in your life and how you perceive them.

Identify and prioritize your future life goals.

Take charge of your destiny by reconciling your past, present, and future.​

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Course Instructors

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Dede & Peter Dankelson are a Mom & 19-year old Son who share Peter’s life with a guitar and Goldenhar Syndrome.  They've been motivational speakers for over ten years all while navigating 35 surgeries and countless social situations as a result of Peter's facial difference.

Peter is a 2019 School of Rock All Star, a Rare Storyteller & Music Ambassador for Harmony 4 Hope, and a certified #ChooseKind speaker for Children’s Craniofacial Association

Dede serves on the Board of Directors for both charities and has extensive experience writing and speaking about raising a medically-complex child, marriage & parenting, special education, grief & loss, and living your life with intention and purpose.  She and her husband of 24 years are the proud parents of two teenage boys, Jacob 15 and Peter 19.

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