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Pete's Diary is a blues-based rock trio from Lake County, IL that formed in mid-2022. Their debut EP All Screwed Up is streaming on all music platforms. They also play classic rock favorites by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, ZZ Top, and more. The trio includes Mac McRae on lead vocals and bass and Ryan "Rocky" Johnson on drums.


Front man, Peter Dankelson, is known for his guitar playing and inspirational story. Peter is missing his left ear and plays using only four fingers on his fretting hand. His autobiography How I Learned to Rock My Life details how Peter persevered through more than 30 surgeries due to birth defects from Goldenhar Syndrome and taught himself how to play the guitar. Pete's Diary, originally created for Peter's motivational speaking, has evolved into the hottest new rock band on social media with more than 700k followers around the world!


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