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  • 5x8 Paperback (also available on Kindle, Apple Books & Nook)

  • 206 pages with color photos throughout

  • Recommended for Ages 13+

  • Every book is autographed by Peter & Dede

  • Every purchase includes a vinyl sticker and two of Peter's custom D'Addario guitar picks

  • Published January 16, 2022

  • ISBN 0578321874

Book Description


Young readers will find wisdom from Peter’s ability to live confidently with a facial difference, overcome peer pressure, and courageously face adversity.  Adults will draw inspiration from Peter’s fortitude, commitment to being a force for good, and relentless pursuit of his passion. 


You will battle with Peter through his thirty-six surgeries, laugh with him as he searches for an ear store, and share in his excitement when he takes the stage with Buckcherry, Jared James Nichols, and others.


More than 800k social media followers have found inspiration from Pete's Diary. This book is both Peter's story and the journey of how Pete's Diary evolved from his birth in 2000 to his career as a guitar player.

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  1. Foreword by Mike Babcock

  2. Prologue by Dede Dankelson

  3. Born To Be Different

  4. Living a Medically Complex Life

  5. Realizing I Was Different

  6. Stepping Into The Spotlight

  7. Overcoming Adversity with a Guitar

  8. Using Music to Persevere

  9. Amplifying Positivity

  10. How I Stay Positive

  11. Additional Resources

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