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New Single From Chicago Rock Band, Pete's Diary, Releases April 5th

Gotta Let You Go is the first single off the self-funded debut album from Pete's Diary. Written, recorded, and produced with Keith Nelson in Los Angeles, this track will hit you with classic rock nostalgia as it grapples with the timeless struggle of following your heart versus letting go of a toxic relationship.

Pete's Diary is Mac McRae on vocals and bass, Peter Dankelson on guitar, and Ryan "Rocky" Johnson on drums.

Song Credits

Recorded at Ollywood Studios in Los Angeles, CA

Vocals & Bass by Mac McRae

Guitar by Peter Dankelson

Drums by Ryan "Rocky" Johnson

Produced by Keith Nelson

Engineered by Jun Murakawa

Mastered by Billy Joe Bowers

Written by Peter Dankelson, Mac McRae, and Keith Nelson

Self-funded and independently distributed by Pete's Diary LLC

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