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Why Gratitude is Life Changing

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Do you know that it's impossible to feel anxious and grateful at the same time? That's why a daily gratitude practice is so powerful. It eases anxiety and pushes your focus from resentment and jealousy to contentment and peace.

People who practice gratitude daily have a more positive outlook and less extreme mood swings. They're more committed to relationships and experiences and less concerned with what things they do or don't have.

How to Improve Your Outlook in Less than 5 Minutes a Day

  1. Grab a notebook and pen.

  2. Keep it by your bed so that you have it next to you before you fall asleep.

  3. Spend just five minutes writing down 3-5 things you're grateful for from the day. Try to think of small, simple things that made the day special.

Gratitude is a life-changing investment that costs you nothing.

Knowing you will be writing something every night triggers you to look for gratitude throughout your day. It reminds your brain to appreciate the small things, and it improves your mood and outlook.

Try this for one week and then check in with yourself. Has it made a difference in your attitude? Ask your family and friends if they've noticed a difference in your mood?

Falling asleep with an appreciation for what you have sets you up for a better tomorrow. Challenge yourself to continue a daily gratitude practice for 30 days, so that it becomes a habit.

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Great lesson to live with. People are so stressed every day it's sadly taken control of their lives. My son is one of those people. We could change the world if everyone would take it to heart. But this system has spoilers which hate continment and loves strife. Great message

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