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What is Mental Grit?

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Choosing to rock your life means having the courage to do what’s in your best interest, regardless of what anyone else thinks.

I was faced with an unexpected surgery when it came time to close my open airway. I had been working toward having the trach hole (stoma) closed for 18 years when I learned that closing it would involve airway reconstruction.

I thought my biggest surgeries were behind me, so this was hard to take. I had a choice between keeping the hole in my neck or having it closed. I also had different opinions on how to close it. Some were less invasive, but I chose the major reconstruction. I knew in my heart that it was the best option for my long-term health.

As my graduating high school class went off to college in the Fall of 2019, I went into the hospital. Not exactly how I wanted to spend the first half of my gap year! I’m glad I did it though, especially since shortly after my recovery the pandemic hit. Having the open airway with COVID would’ve made me even more vulnerable.

I was able to make this decision for myself because, even at the age of 18, I had built the mental grit needed to endure it. Build courage by making decisions that are in your best interest, even when they scare you.

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