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How to Re-Frame Your Perspective

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

The pages of your life story only reflect what you allow them to say. Are you allowing life to happen to you or for you? Are you wasting pages on things that don't matter? Do you feel like life is out of your control?

It's true that you can't completely erase challenges. What you can do is change your perspective and edit those pages down to consume less of your story.

You hold the pen, so you are in control of what gets written. Medical stuff could easily consume the pages of Peter's book. He doesn't allow it to take over his story though. Peter wants music to be the biggest part of his life. He edits his medical story down so there's more pages for writing about guitars!

None of us know how many pages are in our book, so don't allow yours to fill up with things that don't matter. What's going to be your biggest chapter?

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