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How to Make Good Decisions

Have you ever been pressured by friends to do something that just doesn't feel right? You're probably going against one of your core values. Identifying them gives you more than just a feeling something is off.

Identifying your personal values reveals what’s most important to you and guides you to make decisions that are in harmony with your beliefs and priorities.

Here's a simple way to identify your personal values.

  1. Find a list of values and circle any word that makes you think, "Yeah, that's me." (download file below for a list of values)

  2. Organize the words you circled into five categories of your own choosing.

  3. Choose one word from each category that feels like you. Those are your 5 core values.

Download this file for step-by-step instructions and worksheets

Identify Your Personal Values
Download • 834KB

Motivational Quote About Peer Pressure with Image of a Boy with a Guitar

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