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How We Teach Emotional Learning

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Pete's Diary teaches meaningful lessons that last a lifetime. Our content is focused on the importance of being kind, inclusive, and confident. In our newest presentation for grades 3-8, Peter encourages students to think about their life as a book full of chapters. We talk about how the content and characters included in each person's story is what makes each of us unique.

We present these concepts in a fun, storytelling format that includes the following content:

  • Each of our stories have similar chapters (friends, families, holidays, vacations), but the content of our stories is what makes us unique.

  • Some of our chapters are about feelings; we all experience the same emotions (happy, sad, lonely, excited).

  • If we never get to know someone, we only learn a few pages or just one chapter of their story (Peter shares how Goldenhar Syndrome is only one chapter in his book, not his entire story).

  • We get to choose how important each chapter of our story is (Peter shares that music, not surgeries, is a bigger part of his story)

  • We conclude by asking students to write our kindness pledge in their story.

We share how you often have no control over some of the chapters in your book, but you do get to write the titles. Peter, for example, can't remove the chapter about his craniofacial syndrome, but he can rename it from, "Missing an Ear is Weird" to "Why it's Fun to have Fake Body Parts!"

This assembly meets the following SEL standards for grades 3-8:

  • Recognize individual and group similarities and differences.

  • Recognize that all people are similar in the needs they share.

  • Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others.

  • Use communication and social skills to interact effectively with others.

We also have K-2 & High School presentations that address similar SEL standards with age-appropriate content.


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