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NICU Diary Day 101

Monday, January 15, 2001

What a busy weekend for Mommy and Daddy! They cleaned house all morning on Saturday then came to hang out with me at the hospital. On Sunday morning, they moved everything from my bedroom upstairs to their room downstairs. I have the entire back wall of their bedroom for all my stuff. And, oh boy, is there ever a lot of stuff! Finding enough outlets to plug in my pulse/ox monitor, suction machine, trach humidifier, feeding pump, nightlight, and CD player has been quite a challenge. There are cords everywhere!

My feeding pump was delivered to our house today along with oxygen tanks. The feeding pump we requested is pretty cool thanks to recommendations from Mommy's Goldenhar support group on Yahoo.

Mommy and Daddy have been saying their farewells to everyone at the hospital. They're grateful to have met so many wonderful nurses and doctors. A few of the nurses offered to visit us at home and maybe even baby sit once in a while. They've also been stocking our diaper bag full of goodies for my homecoming.

Today I got a really cute outfit from Eileen, one of the NICU techs. She's been a great help and support to us Her daughter, Alison, was in the hospital for about eight months before she got to come home. Alison also had a trach and feeding tube. She's six years old now and is doing great—no trach or feeding tube anymore! I also got a gift from Liam, the son of one of my NICU nurses. He's heard all about me from his Mom and wanted to wish me a happy homecoming with a Dalmatian beanie baby puppy. His Mommy, Paula, takes really good care of me and is one of the nurses who offered to baby sit.

Mommy and Daddy also said goodbye to my old bunkmate Adam and his parents tonight. He's doing wonderful and is back in Room 4. Adam will be going home on Friday, just three days after me!

Mommy and Daddy are getting VERY excited about my discharge tomorrow. They can’t wait to see my reaction to being in the car and in a quiet room at night. They also can’t believe that they will FINALLY walk out of the hospital with me in their arms. After all this time it’s hard for them to believe that people actually take their babies home.

Daddy can’t wait to hang out in the recliner and watch football and golf with me. Mommy is very excited to have her family all together for the first time. Divot, of course, doesn’t have a clue as to what’s coming!

Mommy and Daddy decided I'll wear my Old Navy jeans and a NICU Graduate t-shirt for my homecoming outfit. I'll also be sporting a bunting decorated with puppies from Grandma B. and a blue monogramed blanket from Uncle David and Aunt Sandy.

Mommy and Daddy will arrive early tomorrow morning to pick me up. Daddy has to figure out how to set up the car seat and Mommy has to mix up formula for when I get home. They're hoping that my discharge papers are ready when they get to the hospital so that we can be home around noon. All of my follow-up clinics are scheduled, but there are a few more things the doctors want to discuss before we go.

It’s a good thing I’m coming home tomorrow. Daddy was trying out my swing last night to make sure it worked, and he let Divot sit in it. I need to get home and start protecting my stuff!


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