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NICU Diary Day 102

Tuesday, January 16, 2001


Wendy took a 3:00 a.m. shift to spend time with me this morning, and nurse Tracy was also there to say goodbye. They were both with me when Mommy and Daddy arrived. The doctors made one last round before my discharge and everyone helped pack up all my stuff. I came home with lots of supplies and a cute Baby Gap outfit from Wendy.

Mommy had a really hard time saying goodbye to the nurses, especially Wendy. They've been a huge support system during my time in the NICU. Mommy will miss talking to them every day, but she won’t miss the driving, parking garage, hospital, or cafeteria!

Wendy helped carry all my stuff out to the car. She and Mommy both cried as they hugged goodbye. Mommy is planning to visit the NICU before or after one of my upcoming clinics. I have appointments scheduled with nephrology, orthopedics, ENT, and ophthalmology.

I slept all through my first car ride because I was so tired from all the activity. Paula, who was my nurse last night, carried me around the unit so that the night nurses could say their farewells (especially Connie who also took care of me a lot). And, of course, Wendy carried me around this morning. I was like the Mayor of the NICU!

Divot wasn't sure what to think when we arrived at home. He sniffed around my car seat and was really intrigued once I started moving and making noises. He's very curious, and I can tell he wants to get to know me better. Mommy and Daddy are watching him carefully. He's not used to sharing their lap!

We got home in time for my 2:00 p.m. feeding. Daddy set it up with my new Zevex Enteralite feeding pump. I tried out my swing for a little bit but spent most of the day being held. I slept almost the entire evening, and Mommy and Daddy are worried that I'll be awake all night.

It will take me a few days to adjust between daytime and nighttime. I'm used to the hospital noises and bright lights. This new place called home is strangely quiet! Mommy is worried I'll be bored seeing just her and Daddy all the time. I'm used to a crowd!

Daddy finally got to hold me in his recliner while he watched ESPN tonight. This is the life for me!


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