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NICU Diary Day 15

Saturday, October 21, 2000

Today is my two-week birthday!!!

It was another home football Saturday in Ann Arbor, so Mommy and Daddy had to navigate around the football game while trying to get to the hospital. U of M played Michigan State this afternoon, which is a really big rivalry. I had my U of M booties on, but Daddy still wasn’t able to root for the Wolverines (they won). He’s going to get me some Buckeye socks for when Michigan plays Ohio State!

Holding Peter for the First Time (in the brace)

My favorite nurse set things up so that Mommy and Daddy could hold me in their laps for the very first time! They lifted me out of my warming bed, but I had to stay in the ortho brace. I sat in Mommy’s lap first and then in Daddy’s. It was a pretty big ordeal orchestrating all of my wires and ventilator, but they worked it out without too much trouble.

The nurse put blankets over me since I wasn’t under my bed warmer anymore. I opened my eyes quite a bit while they were holding me because everybody kept taking pictures and the camera flashes were going off. I made a lot of funny faces when Mommy held me and was kicking my legs a lot. Daddy rocked me in the chair and that made me quiet down. I really liked being rocked.

Grandma & Grandpa Brockhaus came to visit me this afternoon. They were taking lots of pictures when Mommy and Daddy held me. There are probably about 30-40 pictures between the two cameras! My nurse took Polaroid photos for Mommy and Daddy to take home.

Since I like my milk so much, the doctors increased my intake from 5 cc every three hours to 8 cc. They also took more X-rays of my chest and spine, but Mommy and Daddy haven’t found out why they took them or what the results were.

Everyone had to leave early this afternoon because my room was closed for over two hours. Another baby in my room went to heaven, so everyone left to give the family privacy.

More Presents!

Grandma Brockhaus brought a Halloween teddy bear for my bed, and all her friends at work brought me presents too! I got a book called You are Special. All of the Dwyer employees gave me a special book of Winnie-the-Pooh poems. Everyone signed the book in the front and back. There must be close to 100 signatures, and they are all good wishes and prayers for me! Grandma’s friends at work also gave me a special gift of $250. Mommy and Daddy are going to save it for me. They will either buy something that I need for when I come home or save it for my college fund. Mommy and Daddy are amazed at how many nice people have sent gifts and prayers. They really appreciate everyone’s support!


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