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NICU Diary Day 30

Sunday, November 05, 2000

Today was pretty quiet. I got to see my Uncle Dale and Aunt Marilyn again. I was awake when they first got there, and I flirted with them a lot. I was really wiggly and wanted to play with my cousins!

I am now getting 35cc of fortified breast milk with iron every three hours. The doctors said that I am getting enough milk now to continue growing at a good rate. They are very happy about my feedings. I’m also doing well with my ventilator weaning. They aren’t going to change anything with my vent though until I get my new trach later this week.

I spit up a little bit today after my noon feeding and got my trach ties all stinky, so Mommy and Daddy changed them before they left tonight. The nurses let Mommy and Daddy handle most of my trach care now because they are pretty good at maneuvering around my ortho board.

I really like when Mommy and Daddy come to visit. I open my eyes when I hear them talk, and I like how they hold my hands and rub my head.


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