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NICU Diary Day 66

Monday, December 11, 2018

I didn't have visitors very long today. Mommy came to the hospital this morning but only stayed for about two hours because it was snowing so much. She only stayed long enough to change my trach ties, talk to a few people, and give me some kisses.

The discharge planners are still working with our insurance company and in-network nursing agencies to find a nurse for me. The agencies need to hire extra nurses to cover my care, so we will probably be in the hospital until a nurse is found. The hospital wants my home care nurse to be trained in my care before I come home. Mommy and Daddy are going to have their ventilator training on Thursday afternoon, and we're all staying at the hospital hotel this weekend from Friday night through Sunday.

I'm having a second hearing test this week and will also be circumcised (eek!). Pediatric surgery also came to see me today for g-tube evaluation. It looks like I need a g-tube, as I am not doing very well with my Haberman bottle. We think I'll have the surgery in January or February, but it depends on what the O.R. schedule looks like.

I sure hope the weather gets better so that Mommy and Daddy can spend more time with me at the hospital. I'm very excited about staying at the hotel this weekend!

P.S. I got another present today from neighborhood friends. They just had a little boy too, so we will be buddies!


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