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NICU Diary - Day 9

Sunday, October 15, 2000

TODAY I FINALLY POOPED!!!!! Mommy and Daddy were thrilled and even took pictures to send to all of my uncles. Daddy says that my Uncle Justin, who came to visit today, inspired me! Grandma Brockhaus and Great Aunt Tami also came to visit. Aunt Tami brought a new outfit of bib overalls with a cow on them. She also brought me a piglet rattle. She wants me to learn about animals before I visit her farm in Indiana.

I was more active today, kicking and moving my hand a lot more. I only have one I.V. sticking in me now. It’s in my right arm. Thank goodness they finally took the one out of my head! The doctors and nurses are slowly weaning me off the ventilator. Every day they are going to lower the lung pressure a little bit to see how I do. Once I get my new trach, things will probably move along better. The one I have right now is a little too big and leaks.

Mommy is hoping I get my trach soon because they can’t roll me at all with the current trach (it leaks too much when I’m on my side). Since I’ve been laying on my back for over a week, the back of my head is getting really flat. Once I get my orthopedic board and new trach, the nurses should be able to roll me a little bit to get some of the pressure off the same spot on my head.

I was supposed to get my ortho board today, but it never showed up. They will probably bring it tomorrow morning. I guess it’s kind of hard to get things done on a Sunday. Since I pooped, there is a good chance that I will be getting some of Mommy’s milk starting in the next day or so. That will certainly help me grow faster.

Mommy and Daddy practiced “trach skills” on Taylor the practice doll this afternoon. They are both very nervous about how to take care of my special needs. All of the equipment is a little scary at first but everyone says that they will be pros at it in no time. I’m a little concerned though since they don’t even have much practice changing diapers. I guess someone has to be their guinea pig!

My neighbors, Mike and Lisa Schneider, sent a gift today. They gave me a really cute Winnie the Pooh outfit with a matching hat and socks. I have to be at least five pounds to wear it, so I better start getting that milk soon. I still haven’t opened my eyes, but you shouldn’t expect too much in one day. After all, I did poop!


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