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NICU Diary Day 96

Wednesday, January 10, 2001

It's been a crazy week, and it's only Wednesday!

Mommy is desperately trying to get my Medicaid application processed. Last night, we had a message from someone that works for “Independent Medical Networks.” The hospital requested that he get involved to help expedite our Medicaid application. We think this mystery man is an attorney, but aren’t exactly sure who made the request and what he can do to help. Mommy left him a message this morning with the requested information. He wanted to know the name and telephone number of the case manager handling our application. He said that he would contact her supervisor and try to get it processed. Yipee! Hopefully, this mystery man will help us out!

We still don’t have a definite discharge day next week, but Mommy and Daddy are pretty sure that it will be Tuesday. I got all of the nurses a present today in celebration of my homecoming. They are always losing their pens and forgetting to turn in a daily patient report called “Medicus.” So, I got them each a (scarlet red for Ohio State) pen that says, “Attn: Nurses – Medicus is due at 2:30 – From, Peter Dankelson.” They all thought that it was pretty funny! I also put a sign up sheet in the nurse's office for anyone interested in babysitting for me, it says that, “Pay is very negotiable!”

Mommy and Daddy will be spending the weekend cleaning and organizing everything in their bedroom, which is where I'll be sleeping. I probably won’t be using my room at all. I sleep with a lot of equipment (oxygen, trach collar, feeding pump, pulse/ox monitor) and need to be monitored overnight.

Adam, my bunkmate who graduated to Room 4 had another setback yesterday. He got an infection and needed eye surgery. He is now intubated and back on a ventilator Room 2. He had a hernia operation last week and was expected to go home soon. We are all praying for him. He has a really nice family!

I’m still receiving gifts. My latest haul includes a toy truck, bath thermometer, Legos, and clothes. We remain grateful for everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness.

It looks like next Tuesday will be a big day in my life; my first time outside the hospital walls!


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