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How to Be a Friend

Peter Dankelson holding a guitar with a Pete's Diary quote saying, "Every person is a story with a purpose, and every story is connected to another."

Every person is a story with a purpose, and every story is connected to another. That's why it's important to make meaningful connections with the people around us. Simply asking someone, "How is your day going?" could change the course of many lives.

Amplifying kindness is the easiest thing we can do to help one another. It cots nothing yet pays out beyond measure. There's a simple way to do your part.

Practice Notice, Act, Check Back

  1. Notice - Pay attention to the people around you. Notice when you see a co-worker or classmate who is always alone and never included in social activities.

  2. Act - Start a conversation with them in person or online. Ask what they did last weekend. Ask them if they enjoy sports, music, or have a hobby. Invite them to lunch or to be part of your next outing with friends.

  3. Check Back - Periodic interaction lets someone know that you care, that you want to include them, and that you accept them as they are. It takes time to build trust and get to know someone.

How to be a friend by practicing notice, act, check back

Peter Dankelson holding his autobiography "How I Learned to Rock My Life"

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