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How to Amplify Kindness

Now more than ever is a time to be the light someone else needs. We are all struggling with social isolation, loss of normal activities, and an unknown timeline of living during a pandemic.

Be an ambassador of kindness by practicing Notice, Act, Check Back.


Acknowledge people around you. Who looks like they could use a friend or some help? A smile goes a long way, but masks prohibit that smile from shining through. Make an extra effort to make eye contact. People feel more valued when they know you've seen them.


Everyone is dealing with this pandemic, but not everyone has the same ability to cope or the same tools to battle it. Act with compassion. Try to pause before you react in anger or annoyance. You don't know a stranger's full story.

Check Back

Everyone handles situations differently based on previous experiences, social skills, and resources. We don't all have the same ability to communicate.

Don't dismiss someone based on one interaction. Relationships are built over multiple encounters. Checking back in shows that you really do care.

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