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Why Kindness Matters in Times of Crisis

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Teenage boy with gold electric guitar and motivational quote

We may all be fighting the same enemy right now, but we are not all equipped the same. And, we each have a different purpose that is motivating us to fight.  The cliché, “Everyone is going through a battle you know nothing about” has never been truer.  Now is a time to take that message to heart.

A person wanting to re-open their business is not evil and heartless, and a person wanting to protect a vulnerable loved one is not selfish.  Someone struggling with isolation and loneliness is not less important than someone with a broken bone. All are deserving of compassion and kindness. Every single person in our world is grieving.  We have all lost something in this pandemic, and what you’ve lost matters.  Grief does not discriminate, and we shouldn’t either.  Can we please stop judging one another’s motives and start embracing one another’s humanity?

Teenage boy in leather jacket with guitar and motivational quote

We are all grieving in different ways and at a different pace.  The easiest way to cope with anxiety and uncertainty is kindness. Being kind to yourself and those around you provides both protection and support.  Now is the time to amplify kindness!

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