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NICU Diary Day 42

Friday, November 17, 2000

I was fussy all day today. Mommy felt bad because she tried everything to make me happy, but I was still cranky.

Nurse Troubles

The nurse assigned to me this morning totally stressed out Mommy. She criticized everything and wouldn't let Mom take care of me like usual. She was a “know it all/always in charge” kind of nurse-- not a good fit for me or Mommy!

It was a good thing that Grandma Brockhaus and Great Aunt Tami came to visit. They intervened a lot between Mommy and the nurse. Grandma brought a stuffed turkey to decorate my bed for Thanksgiving. She also brought a new CD of lullabies.

Kidney Update

I had an ultrasound on my kidney yesterday, and the doctors said that I have a few small kidney stones. They're running tests to see if I have a hormonal imbalance that might be causing them to form.

The Attending nephrologist thinks its due to lack of movement (calcium deposits) from being confined to the ortho board. If my hormone levels come back OK, then that's probably the cause. Kidny stones would also explain why I've been so grouchy. The're small enough for me to pass, but they can be very painful.

The "neurotic nurse” finally left at 4:00, around the same time Daddy showed up. Mommy was pretty upset after spending the day with her! Daddy talked to the charge nurse and requested that she doesn’t take care of me anymore unless it’s on the late night shift.

My evening nurse was much nicer. She let Mommy hold me for a long time, which finally calmed me (and her) down. Daddy held me for quite a while while I was off the ventilator. I was relaxed in his arms too. Mommy left while Daddy was holding me.

Daddy stayed at the hospital pretty late because when he put me back in my ortho brace I got REALLY upset and would not calm down. They eventually gave me medicine that helped me relax. It's very hard for Mommy and Daddy to leave me when I'm so upset!


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