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Pete's Diary Publication Alert

We are excited to announce that our first Pete's Diary picture book is releasing on October 18, 2022.

Inspired by the true story of Peter Dankelson and the Pete's Diary mission to amplify self-acceptance. This picture book encourages everyone to embrace their own differences. Perfect for ages 3-7 and rock enthusiasts everywhere.

About the Book

Peter wishes he looked like everyone else, but he was born with only one ear. He tries to make one, but nothing works until his parents take him to an ear store. Peter wears his new ear to Shredapalooza. But will it stick long enough for him to feel like a real rock star?

Where to Pre-Order


Dede Dankelson began writing in her oldest son's voice shortly after his premature birth and diagnosis of Goldenhar Syndrome. Her daily updates from Peter's hospital bedside were the early version of what is known as Pete's Diary. Dede writes to encourage others to be their own hero.


Peter Dankelson is the inspiration and musician for Pete's Diary. He was born with multiple birth defects, including a missing left ear (microtia/atresia). Peter is twenty-two years old and proud of his differences. His autobiography, How I Learned to Rock My Life, is available wherever books are sold online.


Pratyush Chatterjee is an illustrator and cartoonist. Pratyush has been working as an illustrator for fifteen years and, after serving private clients worldwide, he started working as a freelance illustrator. In his free time, he enjoys listening to music and watching movies.


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