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NICU Diary Day 43

Saturday, November 18, 2000

I had a much better day, which is nice because it's my six-week birthday! I was more relaxed and so was everyone else. One of my favorite nurses tried to help Daddy by cheering for Ohio State, but they still lost to Michigan.

Yesterday, Daddy put “Go Bucs” and “Go Blue” signs on my bed, and Mommy brought a cake in for all the nurses and doctors that was half Ohio State and half Michigan colors. Poor Daddy is going to get teased a lot next week since Ohio State lost. Those nurses are really going to have fun now!

I did really well on my ventilator weans today. I was off the vent for about an hour this morning, an hour and a half today while Mommy held me, and two hours this evening. I'm also continuing to eat very well, although the doctors had to take the extra fortifier out of my milk because my calcium and phosphorous levels are high. They think that could be contributing to my kidney stones.

Mommy and Daddy weighed me for the first time tonight, and a nurse showed them how to give me a bath. They also changed my trach ties and cleaned really well around my trach. It was pretty crusty from all of my drooling. I now weigh almost five pounds. I'm getting chubby feet and lots of little fat rolls. Daddy kept finding new creases to clean between because of all the chunky rolls I'm sporting!

A few of our neighbors came to visit and coo over me today. Lisa, Marie, Catherine, and Marco all stopped by. Marco is about nine months older, so he can show me around the neighborhood. I'm looking forward to playing with the trucks he brought. I also got a really cute outfit from Marie. I can’t wait to finally go home… the nurses are trying to get me home in time for Christmas!


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