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NICU Diary Day 75

Wednesday, December 20, 2000

I am continuing to recover very well from my surgery, although I have slept A LOT during the last few days.

Mommy didn’t come to see me until later this afternoon because she was on the telephone all morning working out issues with Medicaid, Children’s Waiver Program, Children’s Special Healthcare Services, our insurance company, and our attorney. She really HATES dealing with all the paperwork and government agencies, especially since I probably won’t qualify for anything.

The attorney, however, said that we should apply for everything, and she is helping Mommy navigate the mess of paperwork. Unfortunately, since I have a Mommy and Daddy that are married and employed, we will probably not qualify for any of the assistance that our tax dollars go toward. Daddy was jokingly thinking of getting a divorce and signing away his parental rights so that I could get all kinds of government medical assistance! (Can you tell that Mommy is a “little” stressed over this?)

The only thing that made Mommy feel better was getting to the hospital to see me. It has been very hard for Mommy and Daddy to come back to the NICU this week after having a taste of me all to themselves, especially since the only reason that I'm still in the hospital is because of nursing care and insurance issues. WHAT A MESS!!!

Daddy came to see me this afternoon too. He kept trying to wake me up, but I wanted to stay in my little dream world. I am on continuous feeding, so I’m never really hungry to wake up and make a fuss. I always have yummy formula in my belly to keep me content!


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