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NICU Diary Day 93

Sunday, January 07, 2001

I had sooooo much fun today! Wendy carried me around the NICU to socialize this morning before Mommy and Daddy arrived. They brought some of my big boy clothes and dressed me up in my Old Navy blue jeans from Tracy, a onesie t-shirt, my Old Navy polartec from Wendy, and some Baby Gap socks. Everyone thought I looked super cool and took lots of pictures.

I also had several visitors from Indiana. Grandpa H., Uncle Justin, and Mommy’s cousin Marcia and her husband Brian all came to see me. They couldn’t believe how big I am now. They each held me for the first time because the last time they came to visit I was still in my ortho brace.

We hung out in the lobby and then went to the cafeteria for some lunch. Grandpa H. gave us some money as a Christmas gift. I have lots of savings for my insurance and college funds now, but I would rather buy toys! I also received clothes from our neighbors, Wayne & Julie. They're having a baby in April, so I'll be getting a new friend too!

I'm still doing well off the ventilator. It’s at my bedside but hidden behind a curtain, and the new circuits haven't been taken out of the bag. Mommy and Daddy hope that doesn’t jinxed me!

This upcoming week will be full of plans for my discharge. Before we get too excited about breaking out of here, the doctors want to see if I can do an entire week off the ventilator. Mommy is praying that my Medicaid application gets processed this week!


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