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NICU Diary Day 98

Friday, January 12, 2001

Hi Fans of Pete’s Diary,

No "diary" tonight. Pete is doing great, but he slept too long on Grandpa D.'s belly yesterday and was up all night last night. So, we were trying to keep him awake a lot today!

We are being trained on Peter's feeding pump and equipment at our house on Monday morning, and we will be getting the remainder of his trach supplies delivered, including back up tanks of oxygen. We are happily returning the ventilator back to MedEquip!

I'm giving up on the Medicaid people. They still haven't processed our application, and I left messages with the caseworker and her supervisor this morning. The office closed at noon and will also be closed on Monday for the holiday. Of course, no one called me back! At this point, we can only hope to retro the Children's Special Healthcare date of contract back to when Peter was in the hospital. That is, if his Medicaid eligibility is ever processed!

Good news from our private insurance company. It sounds like they will approve some of the 400 hours/year covered in our policy. We are requesting 4-8 hour shifts 3-4 days a week. And, we don't need to have an RN since Peter is off the vent. We can use an LPN instead, so it might be easier to find help. Fingers crossed the insurance grants our request!

Peter's homecoming is still scheduled for Tuesday!


Pete's Mommy


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