Signature Speeches

This is a list of our most requested presentations.  We also welcome specific topic requests.  Dede and Peter are available to speak individually or together.  You only get the guitar playing from Peter though!

We are also available to present on live video calls or record a presentation and follow up with a live video Q & A.

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"How to Raise a Rock Star" for Parents

This presentation is designed for parenting groups interested in hearing Dede's perspective on raising a medically-complex child.  She discusses medical, school, social, marriage, family, and advocacy issues.  You'll laugh, cry, and be empowered to raise your own rock star.  If requested, Peter will play before and after Dede's presentation.

"Rare Rockstar: My Life with Goldenhar Syndrome"

This presentation is designed for business conferences, professional events, and colleges looking for a motivational message with guitar shredding!  Peter inspires you to overcome adversity and build resiliency.  He motivates audiences to build confidence and become the rock star in their own story.  Peter uses storytelling, laughter, and music to make a lasting impression that amplifies kindness in communities.

This presentation shows students how to be confident and courageous.  We teach kids that their life has value and purpose.  Peter shows them how he embraces his differences using our "Be Your Own Hero" curriculum.  Confident students stand up to bullies and don't succumb to peer pressure.  This assembly includes lots of guitar playing!  We offer two levels for grades 6-8 and 9-12.  The middle school version includes access to our online SEL courses that reinforce the message.  Assemblies last 30-45 minutes.

This presentation builds student confidence, so they have the courage to be an upstander.  Peter shares his life story, including his medical journey.  This is discussed in a light, storytelling narrative that includes some medical humor and guitar playing!  Students learn there is a difference between being friendly (bystander) and a friend (upstander).  They learn to think about how what they say and do impacts everyone around them, and that kindness is one of the easiest things we can do to help one another.  Assemblies typically last 40-50 minutes.

The emphasis for this age group is on overcoming fear of disabilities and differences, sharing how much we have in common, and talking about feelings.  Students are encouraged to look for signs of loneliness and to take simple action.  Asking, "How is your day going?" shows a classmate that you noticed them and that you care.  This presentation is no longer than 30 minutes and includes guitar playing that engages younger students.

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