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Find Your Power Song

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Music brings people together, heals, and motivates. Look around you at a concert, and you’ll see the unifying power of music!

Doing chores to music makes them easier to start and finish. Working out to your favorite songs pushes you to go one more mile or do one more rep. Music also reduces anxiety. Peter listens to music in pre-op and on his way to the operating room. Sometimes it’s, “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC, but who's judging? They're his favorite band!

Music therapy in pediatric hospitals gets kids out of bed. Joining others in a community room to shake some maracas or bang on a drum brings smiles and healing vibes. It’s also a positive outlet for kids to release their frustration and fear. A guitar is what got Peter out of bed after his jaw reconstruction surgery. It’s what motivated him to stay positive through the year-long recovery.

Find a power song that lights you on fire. Maybe you need different songs for different moods. Create an entire playlist and listen to it when you need some extra motivation. Turn up the volume and lose yourself in the music!

teenager in hospital with a guitar


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