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NICU Diary Day 24

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Monday, October 30, 2000

Today was pretty quiet for a Monday. Mommy spent the day massaging and talking to me, except for when the ophthalmologists showed up. She left the room as soon as she saw that eye clamp!

Ophthalmology Update

One of my favorite nurses dilated my eyes this morning so I would be ready for the exam. The results showed that I don’t have any retina damage, and everything looks good behind my eyes. They will keep checking every couple of weeks. Sometimes us preemies can have eye complications from being on the ventilator too long. I will follow up with pediatric ophthalmology even after discharge to watch the dermoid in my left eye.

Ventilator Update

The NICU doctors decided to leave my ventilator settings alone for a couple of days. I’m still getting medicine to help with my apnea episodes, and I’m still initiating most of the breaths on my own with the current settings. The ventilator is mainly helping my lungs inflate a little bit more than I do when breathing unassisted. After a few days, the doctors will gradually lower the lung pressure on my ventilator settings. By then, my lungs should be practiced enough to inflate more when I breathe on my own.

Nutrition Update

My milk intake went up to 24 cc every three hours today, and I am keeping every bit of it down—plus the doctors put some extra kick in it to help me grow even faster. I need to get up to about 34 cc every three hours to be at full feedings for my weight and size.

Trach Update

The NICU doctors asked my ENT to come by today and check on my trach. They think that I need a larger diameter trach because there is a lot of air leaking out around the one I'm wearing. My current trach is 2.5mm diameter. One of the ENT nurses came by and talked to Mommy about ordering a 3.0mm custom trach with a flexed end. The flexed end would be nice because the ventilator wouldn’t rub against my chin as much. I’m getting a red spot on my little chin from where it's rubbing.

C-Spine Brace Update

The orthotic technicians finally came late this afternoon. They already had a new ortho board made and ready for me to cozy into. Unfortunately, it was a little too narrow around my mid section, a little too big around my head, and a little too short! I guess they didn’t realize that I am a fast growing boy. By the time they get this one finished, I will probably be due for the next larger size! I sure hope they get this one fitted soon because the one I’m in right now is awfully tight, and it’s really starting to get stinky!!!!!

Daddy came in for the second shift late this afternoon. He spent the evening talking to me about football and massaging my arms, legs, and tummy. I really need those massages since I can’t move very much in my ortho board. I’m really getting tired of lying on my back!


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