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NICU Diary Day 28

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Friday, November 03, 2000

I was pretty feisty today! The nurse had to strap my arms down quite a few times because I was pulling out my feeding tube and ventilator. It’s also noisy in my room with lots of beepers and buzzers going off all the time, plus I’m really getting tired of lying in this c-spine brace.

The day started out chaotic because doctors turned on all the bright lights in my room to work on another baby. Those lights hurt my eyes! Mommy and Daddy hope that I can get off my ventilator and graduate to Room 3 where it's quieter. I’m still in Room 2. When I graduate to Room 4, I'll be very close to leaving the NICU.

Mommy brought Grandma and Grandpa Dankelson back to see me this morning. She held me while they were visiting, and I opened my eyes for everyone. Grandma and Grandpa really enjoyed seeing me with my eyes open for so long. I also really enjoyed my pacifier today; it’s vanilla flavored!

Daddy came to visit this afternoon and also got to hold me. Mommy and Daddy are still getting lots of practice suctioning out my trach tube. They cleaned it out quite a few times today. When I’m fussy, I loosen up secretions and need to be suctioned more.

I got a bunch of new socks today from my Uncle David, Aunt Sandy, and cousins Michael, Ellie, Annie, and Tommy. I got Cleveland Indians, Mizzou, and Kansas City socks. Mommy and Daddy are going to bring them to the hospital for me to wear—more fun for the nurses!


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