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NICU Diary Day 44

Sunday, November 19, 2000

Mommy and Daddy spent this afternoon at the hospital but didn't stay very long. I was sleeping while they were there, and Mommy decided she needed a “mental health” break to prepare for the week ahead. Tomorrow I am getting another eye exam (Mommy hates these more than I do), and later this week I'm having more tests on my kidney to check for reflux.

I was pretty relaxed today except for when I got hungry before my feedings. I’m now up to 46 cc every three hours, and I know when it’s time to eat because my belly is empty! I am doing really well on my vent weans. I was off the ventilator for almost 2 ½ hours this morning and for two hours again this evening. We are all hoping I can get completely off the ventilator very soon!

I have a new Pack-n-Play for when I come home! Mommy and Daddy used gift certificates from the baby shower.


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