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NICU Diary Day 78

Saturday, December 23, 2000

Mommy took her first break from the hospital yesterday. Daddy filled in for her and then took her out to dinner and a movie. They went to see The Grinch, which has always been one of Mommy’s favorite holiday stories.

Daddy was glad that Mommy decided to take a break because she really needed a day away, and the nurse I had yesterday would’ve probably made Mommy go crazy. She had never taken care of me before and was a little overly zealous. Daddy wasn’t used to being at the hospital during the day when all the doctors and therapists come by to see me. He couldn’t believe how busy it was—very different from the quieter evenings when he is typically visiting.

Our MedEquip rep delivered all my ventilator and trach supplies yesterday while Mommy was home. It was quite a load of stuff and we still have the oxygen tanks and feeding equipment yet to come! Mommy and Daddy spent this evening going through everything to try and start organizing the supplies and setting up my room. Daddy thinks that Mommy is over organizing. Mommy thinks the first time they're looking for something at 2:00 a.m., he will be thanking her!

Mommy and Daddy took me on a field trip around the hospital today when they came to visit. They brought my stroller and portable medical equipment so that we could bust out of the NICU for a while.

We went to the cafeteria and walked all over the place. I was wrapped up in a new red snowman blanket that one of my favorite nurses gave me for a Christmas present. She also got me a red Old Navy polartec pullover. It's really cute, and I look good in red!

I've been getting Christmas gifts from lots of NICU Grads. Today, I got a Woodstock stocking from one graduate and an angel ornament from another who is now three years old. I also got a handmade Christmas quilt from a lady that donated one to each baby in the NICU. It's amazing the gifts I'm receiving from people who don’t even know me!

Mommy and Daddy brought presents for my primary nurses: Wendy, Tracy, Joan, and Paula. They are all my favorite nurses who take extra good care of me. They also took pictures of Wendy, Tracy, and Paula with me today because they were all there at the same time. I had a new Christmas outfit on, and they were all fighting over holding me because I'm so cute. I love attention!


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