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NICU Diary Day 80

Monday, December 25, 2000

Oh Boy, did I make out for Christmas this year. Santa was so good to me! Grandma and Grandpa D. brought me all kinds of presents including some books, an ornament, a Thomas Train, and some cool Ohio State clothes. Grandpa D. gave me a little rocking chair that his Grandma (my Great, Great Grandma) gave him when he was a little boy. Grandpa also made me a huge bookcase that is absolutely beautiful. He even carved my name on it! Grandpa and Daddy hung it in my room tonight, and Mommy put all my books on it.

At the hospital, my crib was piled with gifts. There was a giant stocking full of special presents like handmade knit sweaters and hats, hand-sewn gowns and blankets, a “Mott Children’s Hospital” polartec blanket, a handmade pillow, a U of M picture frame, and a stuffed snowman. I also got a Pooh book and rattle from one of my special nurses. I also received several outfits and gift cards from friends and family. All this and my Grandma and Grandpa B. haven’t even shown up yet!

We had a really nice Christmas day with Grandma and Grandpa D. They all held me right away when they got there and wished me a Merry Christmas. Tracy was taking care of me today, which made my holiday even more special. Mommy and Daddy gave me a bath and did all of my trach and g-tube care. After I was cleaned up, we all went on a field trip to the cafeteria.

I love going on outings around the hospital. I like to look at the bright lights while we are walking around. After our excursion, I was pretty wiped out but still didn’t want to go to sleep. I wanted to stay awake so that Mommy and Daddy wouldn’t leave. It was VERY hard for them to leave me at the hospital today.

The nurses are gradually getting me off of my continuous feeds and hope to get me back on feeding every four hours within the next week. My g-tube site is healing, but it makes Mommy and Daddy a nervous wreck. The tube moves around a lot, and they are always afraid that I will pull on it too much. My circumcision site, however, is looking much better. Owie!

I'm looking forward to celebrating Christmas at home next year with Mommy, Daddy, and Divot.


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