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NICU Diary Day 47

Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Today was quiet. I'm still doing well on my ventilator weans and am going off of it for five- hour intervals. I'm also getting 50 cc of formula every three hours. My weight is up to five pounds and two ounces, and preemie outfits now fit me. Mommy brought some for me to wear since I’m probably going to outgrow them before I come home. Mommy and Daddy think I look really cute in all the cuddly outfits.

I didn’t do very well with my speech therapist today. I wasn’t sucking on my pacifier as much and had quite a few spit bubbles blowing out of my mouth. Mommy and Daddy think that I actually do a little better with my pacifier and speech therapy when I am off the vent. I did have a nice PT session this morning. I was more relaxed during today's session.

Mommy and the airway nurse did my weekly trach change this afternoon. Mommy asked her to look at my trach site and make sure that it isn't getting infected. Some of my skin is getting red where the trach rubs. The nurse said I'm just getting a little scar tissue built up around the stoma (the hole in my neck). That's normal, and it doesn’t look like I have an infection. She got antibiotic ointment to include as part of my trach care to prevent any infections. The airway nurse wrote a nice report in my chart complimenting Mommy for doing a good job.

There was still no news on the results of my V.C.U.G. test. All my doctors were busy today helping other babies. I didn’t mind though because Daddy held me for a really long time tonight. I sure love it when Mommy and Daddy get to hold me!


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