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NICU Diary Day 84

Friday, December 29, 2000

Mommy and Daddy took a break from the hospital yesterday. They spent the day reorganizing our house to accommodate all my medical supplies and baby stuff. They also joined Costco so that they can buy bulk quantities of diapers and formula. For their first trip, however, they bought more beer and wine than baby stuff!

I was hanging out in my bouncy seat when Mommy and Daddy came to visit. Wendy said that I had been in a much better mood. Everyone thinks I had a little bug of some kind that was making me feel a bit under the weather, but hopefully it’s gone now.

My feeds are back on schedule, which makes life easier. Thank you Wendy for getting me all straightened out again!

Mommy and Daddy took me for a stroller ride (actually they held me all the time and only used the stroller to carry all my gear) this afternoon, which I mostly slept through. When we got back to the NICU, Mommy put in some of my fun music and danced around with me. I loved being bounced all over the place, and my eyes were wide open. After all the dancing, my occupational therapist came by. I did really well sucking on the Haberman bottle and actually swallowed about 5-6 cc of formula. Everyone was really impressed. I kind of liked it too!

After all of those activities, I was REALLY tired. So, I fell asleep as soon as Mommy and Daddy tucked me in. They left after I fell asleep because there was a lot of snow coming down and they wanted to get home before the roads were bad. After they got home, Mommy and Daddy set up the circuits to my ventilator. They wanted to make sure they remembered how to put it all together.

I'm going to hang out with nurse Connie this evening. Last night she took me back to room 2 so that I could see where I used to hang out. My old bunkmate, Montez, is still there in the same spot. I’m sure glad that I graduated to room 3!

P.S. I got more Christmas presents from the nurses today. They gave me Old Navy blue jeans, a sweatshirt, and a hat. I look really cool in the Old Navy hat!


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